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We know you’re busy. So we promise to make it easier to eat well, not harder. We live in confusing times, with more product choice than ever. It sometimes seems that everything is good for us and everything is bad for us – it’s hard to know who to believe. At Healthy Food Guide you will find accurate and unbiased information about healthy eating. We give you simple answers to important questions on food and health. Subscribing to Healthy Food Guide makes it easy and enjoyable to eat well and feel great.

Our recipes section is full of delicious dishes with affordable ingredients and simple preparation. Our advice section has accurate, well researched health information you can rely on, including some very useful downloadable resources. Our shopping section helps you make informed choices as to which products are best for you, or your family. You are investing in your health when you subscribe to Healthy Food Guide and we have made it very affordable, to see the options click here.

Why you can trust us

  • Our advice comes from evidence-based science so you get the facts, not myths and misinformation. When there’s scientific debate on a topic, we’ll tell you. And when new evidence comes to light, we’ll let you know about that, too.
  • Our nutrition writers are degree-qualified and we talk to internationally recognised experts about the latest, most accurate research.
  • All articles are checked for accuracy by our nutritionist before publication.
  • We publish sources and references for our health claims.
  • Our recipes are written to comply with medically sound healthy eating guidelines.
  • Any advertising in Healthy Food Guide magazine and on this website is clearly separated, and the line between editorial and advertising is never blurred.

Our recipes

We’ve done the planning for you! The team at Healthy Food Guide works hard to make every recipe a healthy one for you to enjoy. Here’s what we do:

  • Our recipes are based on real, whole, nutrient-dense ingredients that are affordable and easy to find in the supermarket.
  • Every recipe must contain the optimum amount of vegetables – at least two servings per person for main meals – and our recipes are based on ideal portion sizes.
  • Every recipe must fit within our criteria to ensure it doesn’t contain too much energy, saturated fat, sodium or too many free sugars.
  • If a recipe doesn’t meet our nutrition criteria, it won’t be in Healthy Food Guide.
  • Every dish is tried and tested at least twice so we know it is a fantastic recipe and tastes great.
  • Every recipe shows a full nutrition panel. See How much do I need to eat? to put this into the context of your daily nutrition and energy needs.

diabetes friendly* 50g or less carbohydrate and 4g or more fibre and 6g or less saturated fat and 600mg or less sodium. (Applied to meals and soups 1000kJ or more.)

low FODMAP These recipes are suitable for those following a low-FODMAP diet.

gluten free Has no ingredients known to commonly contain gluten.  But always check the ingredients you are using.

no dairy Has no ingredients known to commonly contain dairy products. But always check the ingredients you are using.

vegan Has been approved by the Vegan Society Aotearoa NZ and contains no animal products. But always check the ingredients you are using.

vegetarian Has no ingredients known to commonly contain meat or meat products. But always check the ingredients you are using.

money saver Costs $3.50 or less per serve.**

Our recipe badges

Low kJ

Mains 1700kJ or less
Desserts/snacks 1000kJ or less
Sides 600kJ or less
Drinks (250ml) 200kJ or less

High fibre

Mains 6g or more
Desserts/sides/drinks (250ml) 3g or more

Low sodium

Mains 500mg or less
Sides 200mg or less
NOTE: We use no-added-salt product variants where available.

High calcium

250mg or more

High iron

4.5mg or more

5 Veges

The number of vegetable serves per person.***

*This is a broad guideline for people with type 2 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes should follow individualised advice from their doctor or dietitian. Please check the amount of carbohydrate is right for you.

**Recipe costs are based on supermarket prices at the time of publication. Prices may vary between outlets and regions.

***For potatoes, kumara and legumes a maximum of one vegetable serve is counted.

HFG contributors

At Healthy Food Guide, our contributors are nutritionists, dietitians and experienced food writers.

Healthy Food Guide website

On our website you’ll find thousands of recipes and expert advice articles from  Healthy Food Guide magazine. The website will always be up to date with everything that’s in the latest issue of the magazine. For more information, see our FAQs page.


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